Usage of Java and .Net by best web design company in Delhi

Java and .Net programming languages are widely used by best web site designing companies in Delhi to create better and user friendly websites. The websites developed using these platforms have acquired global exposure to the respective business firms.
With advancement in the technology, there have been lots of programming languages introduced. These programming languages have played vital role in making different projects according to respective purposes. Among the popular, Java and .NET are widely used by web design company in Delhi. The benefits of using these languages have also helped the industry to grow enormously.

To carry out proficient web development projects, Java language is use. Additionally, the language also plays crucial role in the advancement of various web services. The language also includes integrated web service platforms such as JAZB, WSIT and JAX-WS. These tools and technologies help the programmers to build secure web services.

Here are the pointers that prove JavaScript make the website more interactive:

  • Various activities can be performed easily. Activities such as browser identification, management, form validation, advertisement etc.
  • The JavaScript is enhanced with different attributes that help in making a website with added features.
  • JavaScript helps in easy handling of client activity.
  • AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is included in JavaScript. This tool helps in making a website capable of displaying content without refreshing the page repeatedly.
  • The JavaScript is also programmed to transfer huge data to the client side from server. This also eliminates the use of time with the use of XML.

In recent years, .NET or ASP.NET has gained huge success in the website development. This technology enables the programmer in building web applications, dynamic websites and web services. A web server and .NET framework is required to use this technology for the website development of web design company.

Here are the steps mentioned to create a simple .NET page:

  • Define and select the language to be used on the .NET framework. Such as C+ or Visual Basic.
  • Create an HTML Form
  • Connect the form to the server
  • Process on the server side

These tools and technologies have helped in adding functionality and look to the website.
Our service on Django Web Frameworks
Are you a developer who wants to write a website or web application? Django is a good choice for a programming language. Django is a beautiful and elegant language. Picking a web framework is a tougher choice. Here’s a list of popular Django frameworks along with their pros and cons. You should use the batteries included with the Python ecosystem and pick a framework to do the heavy lifting. After all you don’t want to implement HTTP processing and an ORM from scratch.

  • Django promotes building websites that are made up of components. The components are called applications whereas the whole website is a project. For example, you could create a commenting app which adds comments to your websites. The application includes view, model and controller logic. The commenting app could then be re-used among all of your websites or as Django calls it projects.
  • The admin system makes it very easy to build websites requiring an administrator backend for updating content on pages. It’s the killer feature of Django along with its built in authentications system. Django is highly recommended for all types of websites and web frameworks.
  • Besides being popular in the Python community, it’s also one of the most popular web frameworks for any language. Django includes many components such as a built-in admin system, authentication, ORM, caching, form validation and unit testing.

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